Green - an animated short
This project started with the view from my window and an eery fascination with places in-between.
At the beginning of the pandemic, I went for a solitary walk down a dirty canale, that meanders behind suburban backyards. I didn't know where it would lead me. It was getting dark as I found myself on a polluted meadow, somewhere between the city and the woods. I climbed up the canals bank and there they were - dark massive silhouettes calmly searching for bugs, roots, and what not. One of them unknowingly walked in my direction. I stood completely still. It stopped about 7 feet from me, feeling my presence. We stood there looking at each other, two adults being slightly alarmed but mostly curious: the boar and the human. It grunted. I coughed. We slowly backed and I disappeared in the darkness of the canale, leaving it in peace.
It's about celebrating the acceptance of lack of knowledge, looking into the unknown, and smiling in pensiveness and curiosity. It's about leaving a blank area of the map unexplored and consciously saving its mystery. It's about going back to prehistory, to being a child, an animal, never alone in the darkness.
Thank you for reading. Full film is currently in festival rotation.

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